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Interviewing Tips: 5 Things to NOT Do With Job Interview Thank You Notes

Of all the Interviewing Tips that are out there, some of the most important ones relate to the employers perception of you as a prospective employee. Writing thank you notes after an interview may seem like a waste of time but the impression it can give the employer of you is crucial.  It can be a great way to get in the ‘last word’ or make sure the lasting impression employers receive is a positive one.310161-47122-41

There are many things to consider when writing a job interview thank you note. Most people know what they should include. However, there are also some big no-no’s to keep in mind. Here are some “Don’ts” for writing job interview thank you notes, take a look. Some of these you may find surprising.

What Not To Do:

  1. Don’t think of this thank you card as just a thank you card. Put time and effort into it because this is adding to the first impression you gave during your interview. Be specific about what happened during the interview and build off of it.
  2. Don’t be overly effusive because that can come off as fake and that is definitely not the last impression you want to leave interviewers with.
  3. Don’t include a gift of any type with the thank you card. Even though you may mean it just as genuine sign of thanks it can be construed wrong. It does not help you get the job and may make the interviewers feel awkward and question whether or not hiring you would be a good choice.
  4. Do not write your note in advance. It is nice to be prepared, but in the case of interview related thank you notes, this is not the best choice. You want the note to be personal and reflect the interview. You can’t do that if you write it days before the interview has taken place.
  5. Don’t take the ‘easy’ way out and leave the note with the receptionist or secretary after you leave. That proves that it was written in advance and done more as a duty than a choice.


Remember that a hand written thank you note gives the best perception of you as an applicant particularly if you reflect on the interview and what was discussed. Pick a professional, simple; yet pretty design for your thank you cards.

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