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How to Prepare for an Interview: Free Professional Attire So You Can Show Up Dressed for Success

How to Dress for an Interview!


Dress-for-success Just about any advice you will ever receive on the subject of  how to prepare for an interview  will include tips on the importance of dressing professionally. But how are you supposed to show up dressed in professional clothing when the whole reason for the interview is that you don’t have a job at all or the job you do have doesn’t pay enough?

This is the very definition of a Catch-22 situation and most of the resources for advice on how to prepare for an interview don’t address how to resolve this situation. That resolution takes the name of for women and for men. Donations of cash as well as clothing are what sustain these vital resources for job seekers currently at an economic disadvantage who face the Catch-22 of needing to show up for a job interview looking professional, but not having the money to buy…

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