Resume Tips

Freelance Experience in Resume Writing

Companies look for employees with experience because it shows them that you know how to do the job without supervision. Show them that you have what it takes by adding freelance work to your resume. Freelance work shows employers that you are motivated, ambitious and qualified. List them on the resume correctly and it can land you a steady job. Place emphasis on ‘correctly.’

Freelance work is different from traditional jobs, so it should be written as such. In Resume Writing separate the full and part-time jobs from freelance work. Freelance work must have its own category (or depending on how much freelance work is done, its own page). List it under ‘self-employed work’ or ‘professional experience.’ For each one list the company or client you worked for, job title and start/end dates. Job duties or descriptions should be very detailed leaving nothing to the imagination. For any major accomplishments available add them only if there is data and hard evidence to support your claims. Make sub-categories for different types of freelance work. For example have one for writing, another for web design and another for photography. Add only freelance work lasting longer than a few months.

The trick is to let the employer know that this is ‘freelance work’ without misleading them or being ashamed of it. A solution to that problem is to choose words wisely. In your resume writing use ‘independent contractor,’ ‘columnist’ or ‘online professional’ instead of the words ‘freelance’ or ‘consultant.’ Add a cover letter stating why you went the freelancing route and use the answer provided by you to tell them that your experience will help the company grow. Give out links to pages of your work to show employers that you are actually working instead of being in-between jobs or unemployed. Have client references available if you cannot provide links. Finally add freelancing work pertaining to the job you’re applying to. That shows focus and professionalism to potential employers.

Freelancing jobs can look just as polished as a full-time or part-time job. All it takes is an eloquent and thorough resume and you’re on your way to compete in the job market with every other potential employer. To add freelance work to your next resume or to learn more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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