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Keep up with your “Online” Resume

Since the explosion of social media, the traditional resume has changed.  Most companies are still looking for a paper copy of a resume, but prospective employers do not stop there.  They will review your online “resume” as well. social-media-logos

An online resume is not one thing, and it is something that can change from day to day.  Your online resume is anything that a prospective employer can find out about you by doing an online search.  Here are some things to help you manage your online resume:

Watch what you say – Never EVER post something that you wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see.  This includes things that you post on your protected facebook page or twitter account.  Anyone anywhere can repost your statements, and employers will see it.

Post information – Create a Linked In page and post information about your achievements.  Include information about awards that you have received, your education, and volunteer activities that you have done.

Comment on blogs or articles – Do some research on the industry you want to be in, and comment intelligently on articles and blogs that relate to it.  Your name will be associated with the comment and will come up when a prospective employer looks you up.

John Wooden said “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”  Your online resume can reflect that character, so prospective employers are going to be looking.  Pay as much attention to your online resume as the one you print off and mail in. Contact us for more information on seeking a job.

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