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Job Tips on Blue Collar Industries: Switching Gears After Working in a White Collar Career

blue collarFinding job tips on blue collar industries used to be considerably different to how it works today. According to, you didn’t even need a resume several decades ago to apply for a blue collar job. All that was necessary then was listing what skills you had rather than needing to know everything you’d done before. But blue collar jobs are looked at in a much more professional light now. Some people are switching from white collar jobs to blue collar without necessarily having a major downscale in pay.

What Blue Collar Employers Look for on a Resume

Those who hire blue collar workers want employees who do myriad things well and not just one. This includes being able to communicate and other soft skills that wouldn’t have mattered as much in a different era. Nevertheless, your specific skills that employers want will have to be highlighted so they’ll know you have the proper education. They also want to see what it is that you accomplished in past jobs rather than having specific knowledge.

The new blue collar resume is basically one that shows more well-roundedness in various skills as well as showing true accomplishment. Considering many blue collar jobs involve electrical repair or plumbing, listing some examples of diverting business disasters can be a major selling point.

Obtaining the Proper Training

Before you turn in that resume, make sure the skills you highlighted can be backed up with education. It doesn’t necessarily mean having to go to college, even though a community college is always helpful. Trade schools are also worth investigating considering they don’t take up years of your time and are usually affordable.

The best route is an internship where you can be apprenticed in blue collar skills. If you can take time to do that for at least a year before applying for work, it’s a valuable tool to put on a resume.

The Job Outlook and Career Shifts

Blue collar jobs are expected to grow exponentially throughout the decade. Ironically, they may provide more employment than those who have serious degrees. It may explain why some are deciding to leave white collar jobs and go into blue collar employment to do something more physical. As well, it shouldn’t be considered a comedown career because many blue collar jobs pay well, especially in more technical fields.

What kind of jobs should those people go for in coming years? You might be surprised at the #1 top paying blue collar job.

All About Elevators

Forbes did a study on the highest paying blue collar jobs and found that elevator installers and repair technicians were paid the most at $74,140 a year. Never again should you take elevators for granted, despite most of those technicians working behind the scenes.

Other blue collar jobs that pay well include electrical repair technicians as well as another seemingly obscure job: transportation inspectors.

Contact us if you want more information about how to find a good blue collar job. At MyOpenJobsLLC, we provide a comprehensive database to help find jobs that ordinarily might be missed through other outlets. Don’t let some of those high-paying blue collar jobs pass you by.

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