Tips on Finding a Job

How to Market Yourself Using a Social Network

You’d never think life is all about “marketing yourself” to an employer, that is, until you have to market yourself to an employer. In the advertising and marketing industry, life is all about brand imaging that creates customer loyalty.

But, if you stop and think about it — you are a brand. You may ask: “What does this mean?” or “How do I market myself?” or “Where do I even start?” It’s fair to ask those questions. Think of it this way: if you are the brand, then your (current or potential) employer is the customer. Your job is to make your customer, not just want you but, need you. How to do that?  Let’s talk about social media.

Social media has become the one-stop-shop for employers. They can access any of your profiles and see whom you like, what you talk about, and even where you went last Saturday. Now, you’re probably wondering how social media will help you find a job. Well, it can’t go through the classifieds for you, but a social media account (if managed properly) can tell employers that you’re the virtual apple of their eye.

After either creating a new professional social media page or cleaning up your old one, here are simple tips to maintaining a your now-marketable social network:

  • Tailor your profile toward your desired field.  This profile is part of your online resume and, by extension, part of your personal brand image.
  • Use a professional profile picture.
  • Do not use any profane language or post any inappropriate material.
  • Only connect with people you know can positively influence and benefit your page or job-hunt. That might mean you may have to cut a few people or pages from your social media ranks.
  • Make sure to constantly nurture and maintain your social media account. That way, employers know that you are constantly researching and engaging in conversations in your field.

Remember: be the best brand image you can be while remaining true to yourself and your voice.

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