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Keep Your Resume Current While Unemployed: Gaps in Employment Don’t Have to Be a Liability

Is it really possible to keep a resume current while unemployed? In today’s economy where wide gaps of unemployment can easily occur, new techniques in brushing up resumes have to be done to effectively explain things. Certain secrets apply, and it all involves the ability to show action through words.

Prove You Were Busy

There isn’t any use explaining on your resume why you haven’t been able to find work. Most companies understand the economy today and how that can happen. It’s best to indicate what you were doing during your gaps in being employed. But, of course, you have to prove that you were truly busy during that period of time.

Volunteering is the best solution to keeping busy during long employment droughts. And the more active you can stay during unemployment phases, the better it looks when writing that down on a resume.

Mention Volunteering You Did That Pertains to the JobUnemployment concept with magnifying glass

While it’s not always possible to find volunteer work in a field that guides you to a job you apply for, mentioning volunteering on a resume is a valuable tool. Sometimes it may mean volunteering in something that’s only partially related, like raising money for a charity or perhaps doing gratis data entry for prospective office jobs. Always mention whatever skills you developed while volunteering so it can give the impression that no time was wasted.

Mention Schooling

If you have the financial resources to go back to school while unemployed, mentioning that on a resume is even better. It looks especially good if you can go back to school full time to obtain a new degree or certificate. When looking for work in the world of IT, sometimes taking a short course specializing in a high-demand tech skill will stand out on a resume.

Don’t hesitate to indicate how well you did in school, including your grades or commendations from teachers.

How to Textualize the Employment Gaps

It’s best to explain the reasons on your resume if you’ve been unemployed for over two years. While the explanations above are suitable, coming up with a title for your activity is akin to creating a standout job title. For the above-mentioned cases, Full-Time Volunteer or Full-Time Student would be sufficient.

When dealing with a timeline on your resume, simply placing the years of previous jobs and unemployment gaps is a smarter move than indicating the exact months. Visually, that looks better, because an employer may react negatively seeing the details of just how long it’s been since you’ve had employment.

The main importance of keeping your resume current while unemployed is proving you aren’t wallowing on a couch all day. While personal issues can sometimes play a part, a resume should focus on professional actions that helped you move forward.

Contact us if you need more tips on how to brush up your resume while unemployed. We’ll help you look professional so you can once again land a job you deserve.

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