Resume Tips / Tips on Finding a Job

Sites offer free templates and general info on writing a resume for anyone looking for a job

In my experience, writing, rewriting and reviewing resumes, I have found that a number of very skilled individuals often do not have typical resumes.

This may be a direct result of many years of services within one company, or prior positions that simply didn’t require a resume. Sometimes technical, military or public service individuals follow a prescribed biography-type format that works internally at one company, but doesn’t follow standard resume format.

Today’s job seeker needs a polished, professional resume. There are resume services who will do the writing for you; they make the job easier, but can be hard on the wallet.

Here are some free templates and general info on writing a resume for anyone looking for a job to aid you in creating a professional resume.

Google Docs is my first choice, because it not only provides you with resume templates, it enables you to:

  • Edit, save, print and download your resume, just as would an application on your computer like Microsoft Word.
  • Download your resume in a Microsoft Word compatible file, which is the industry standard for emailing resumes.
  • Access your resume from any computer.
  • Use templates that only need to be updated with your information (not started from scratch). Check out a traditional resume design here, select “Use this template,” and you can make it your own.

Another resource, if you are a Microsoft Word user, are the templates on your computer. Depending on the version of Word, select “New” from the “File” menu, then look for the resume category. There should be several available options. Many users do not know this, but Microsoft Word users can find many more templates in their free, online database of resumes. You may even find a resume for your specific job title or need.

For instance, here is a sampling of some more specific resumes templates that are readily available in Microsoft’s online template library:

Remember to fill in all the fields, include your contact information, be as specific as possible about your job experience, and check (and double-check) your spelling.

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