Tips on Finding a Job

4 Ways to Market Yourself to Get an Employer to Hire You

1065245_79106935In today’s world, gaining entrance to the job or career of your dreams involves marketing yourself like a pro. Marketing a product, in this case you, means selling what you have to offer, your skill set and experience, to a potential employer in an effective way. Treat yourself like a professional marketing client, use these 4 ways to market yourself to get an employer to hire you.

Go for uniqueness. The employer may have five potential candidates that graduated from the local college, including you. What makes your college experience unique. Here’s an example, “Yes, I graduated from Brown University; however, my favorite college memories are from the summer our health department volunteered at the Special Olympics.” That little extra about your education will set you apart.

Come prepared to solve problems. He’s not just looking for the next employee, he wants an answer man. Do your homework before the interview. If possible, research the position you are applying for so you can provide ideas about solving known problems. Now, that’s impressive marketing. Use caution though. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s best not to say anything.

Show confidence and friendliness. Sometimes the non-verbal communication seals the deal. Be friendly, responsive and smile–a lot. Market the happy You!

Market your passion. If you’re applying for a job selling widgets, be passionate about widgets. Talk about why you like them, why you want to sell them. Show specific passion for the product or service that you want to represent.

It goes without saying that you should have a professional online presence via social media like Facebook and Twitter. Remember, when looking for a job, you must proactively market yourself. Be on-target with your comments and posts 24 hours a day. Follow these tips and get the job that you want!

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