Resume Tips / Tips on Finding a Job

Keep Your Resume Current While Unemployed: Gaps in Employment Don’t Have to Be a Liability

Is it really possible to keep a resume current while unemployed? In today’s economy where wide gaps of unemployment can easily occur, new techniques in brushing up resumes have to be done to effectively explain things. Certain secrets apply, and it all involves the ability to show action through words. Prove You Were Busy There … Continue reading

Resume Tips / Tips on Finding a Job

Sites offer free templates and general info on writing a resume for anyone looking for a job

In my experience, writing, rewriting and reviewing resumes, I have found that a number of very skilled individuals often do not have typical resumes. This may be a direct result of many years of services within one company, or prior positions that simply didn’t require a resume. Sometimes technical, military or public service individuals follow … Continue reading

Interview Tips

Interviewing Tips and Trends: It May No Longer Be All About Yourself

Is it possible that the interviewing tips job-seekers have been using for decades are now outdated? Even though the “Me” decade might have been considered the crux of the 1970s when the economy was also on a downturn, many people since then have adhered to the interview concept of boasting about personal credentials. But according … Continue reading